Thief II Guidfe to the Strange & Unusual

Welcome to the Thief II Guide to the Strange & Unusual.

This is your guide to making your way through Thief II while operating beyond the normal boundaries of the game. In each section of this site, I intend to show you scenic collections of all the wonderful stuff you can use and play with - from potions to carrots to a gravity defying cooking pot - and how you can use them to 'work outside the square'. I'll also be showing you useful tricks and exploits in the game that will, at the very least, make your gaming experiences a lot more fun, if not more efficient.

Of course, then there is the Strange and Unusual section for each mission which details all the bizarre things and happenings you can find in the game. From Easter eggs, to bugs that ended up being shipped when the game went gold, there are many things that make the world of Thief II a very weird and wonderful place to be.

Climbing also plays a major part in the Guide. Many of the Strange regions cannot be accessed except via climbing to get into the nooks and crannies (and several unexpectedly huge areas) you were never meant to see. In the middle of constructing this Guide, Luthien from the TTLG forums came up with the technique of staircasing which makes climbing a breeze. You will see how this technique makes climbing easier when you compare the initial stacks of crates shown in the earlier missions to those in later ones. He later advanced this technique to create the amazing Elevatoring ability. Both these techniques can be found in the Tutorials section and make exploring the world of Thief even easier.

Each of the missions will, due to their large size, be dealt with individually. Just click on the mission links on the left side of the screen. In upcoming versions of this site, I'll be including a more detailed look at terminology, your opponents, equipment, advanced thieving techniques and whatever else I can think of.