Sabotage at Soulforge

A Climbing We Will Go:

It's not as easy as you might think to find good climbing spots in their mission. Nearly all of it is set inside Soulforge Cathedral and the few open air areas don't have much free room where you can wander the unbeaten paths.

Still, there are enough to make things interesting, so here we go...

When you start this mission you are already inside the cathedral, in Bay A. There is a pair of metal doors directly South of you and you can pass through them to visit the outside.

You can climb onto the gate and the Southern section of wall with the help of a few of the winchesters of chemicals lying about in the storeroom, but to get onto the roof of the cathedral requires the use of elevatoring.

If you do climb onto the gate, make sure you don't fall into the small gap behind it (indicated by the arrow in the image below) and get stuck.

Elevatoring is the ultimate climbing tool and makes even the most difficult of climbs possible. Click here to see Luthien's tutorial on how to perform this manúuvre.

Out and About
Out and About

Back inside the Cathedral, where you started, is another opportunity or two. Directly above your starting position is a ledge with some machinery on it and a great view of the whole of Bay A. The giant purple statue at the other end of the bay can also be climbed - its top section can even be walked through. Once on top of the statue, you will find that you can stick your head inside the slowly rotating gear.

If you wish to visit these positions at the start of your mission, the easiest way is using the climbing technique of elevatoring. If you're in no rush, you can grab the many items lying around the mission and create a more traditional stack.

Bay Watch
Bay Watch

The two large machines (positions 7 and 8 on the maps shown in the Strange section) can be climbed with relative ease. The one at position 7 is a simple climb if you use some of the many winchesters from the various store rooms but the large machine at position 8 requires elevatoring to reach the summit.

Mechanistic mountaineering
Mechanistic mountaineering

The remaining climbs in this mission are all found around the various signal towers.

At the tower above the room with the deep lava trench (see position 1 on map) there is a building on the other side of the wall you can reach,

Tip: If you're brave you can walk straight across the edge of the lava trench using the 'lean forward and run' trick and not fall into the lava.

Once up at the tower, you can climb over the wall and explore the small area Outside and even climb onto the small building here.

Roof climbing on a roof
Roof climbing on a roof

At the end of the Room of Death is another signal tower with climbing opportunities. This one also has some chimneys you can climb as well as a small section of 'ground' outside the wall.

Garrett the chimney sweep
Garrett the chimney sweep

Journeying to the large underground room with all the pillars (position 9 on the map) you can visit two signal towers. One is at the Northwest end of the room and here you can climb over the walls on two sides.

Heading further down from the room with all the pillars and walking along the corridor, you will find a steel door to the North and beyond it is a sewer entrance (position 3 on the map). If you climb up the ladder on one of the walls here you can amuse yourself by taking flying leaps into the pit. A well-known bug in the game means that you can land on (and attach yourself to) a ladder and not take injury, no matter how far you have fallen.

Over at the Turret room, you can amuse yourself by squishing a turret. The signal tower here has a bit of space behind two of its walls where you can let Garrett bunk off for a quiet smoke.

In the small corridor outside the locked doors that lead to the Golden Child are three large, vertical pipes coming out of the ceiling. Climbing up the central one leads you to an exit overlooking the large room with the Mechanists' above-ground swimming pool. You can shoot an arrow into the small grate on the ceiling here and jump over to the girders and walk along them to the other side of the room (or take a swan dive into the pool). The doors on the mezzanine at the other side of the room leads to another signal tower where you can climb over the North wall.

And so we come to the end of the final mission.

With the Guiding Beacon in place and the signal towers switched over, the Servants trek back to Soulforge cathedral and Garrett makes his exit. Karras, unaware of what has happened, triggers the pitiful wretches thinking they are still in the mansions of the city's elite.

But rather than starting a chain reaction that would have destroyed all life, the necrotic mutox is confined within the cathedral and, with all the plantlife left by Victoria's sacrifice, it destroys Karras and his creations instead.